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University Board election

University Board elections are organized every four years. We have electronic elections at UiT. The Board Member and Deputy Board Member representing the constituency temporary academic staff, however, are elected every year.

In Norwegian

The Board Member and Deputy Board Member representing the constituency temporary academic staff are elected every year. Further information is available in the Elections Regulations. Elections are organized in the spring of 2019. 


In May, we are going to elect one board member and deputy board member representing the constituency temporary academic staff to the University Board at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. 

Nomination of candidates has deadline 21. April 2019. 

Nomination must be signed by at least three nominators/electors, and should be sent by e -mail to the Election Board secretary: lillian.abelsen@uit.no
The Electoral process is electronic, and is a sequential preference election with transferable votes. Everyone who has the right to vote in the election, has the right to nominate candidates. The candidate must have the right to vote, and must have accepted the nomination.


The Board of UiT constitutes 11 Board Members, cf. the Act relating to universities and university colleges, Section 9-3 (1).  The composition of the University Board is as follows:

  • Rector 
  • 3 Board Members representing the constituency academic staff
  • 1 Board Member representing the constituency technical/administrative staff
  • 2 Board Members representing students
  • 4 external Board Members

External Board Members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Board Members representing students are elected by the students. Board Members and Deputy Board Members representing the constituencies permanent academic staff and technical/administrative staff are elected every four years.

 An Elections Board of six members has been appointed to organize and prepare the elections.

See video presentation by associate professor Marcus Buck  about: Electoral arrangements at UiT  



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Marcus Buck videopresentation about Electoral arrangements at UiT  

  • Notification of the election 25. MARCH
  • Publication of the electoral roll 8. APRIL
  • Closing date for nomination of candidates 21. APRIL
  • Closing date for submitting complaints about the electoral roll  29. APRIL
  • Video presentation of candidates from 3. MAY
  • Election period (electronic voting) 13.- 20. MAY
  • Election Result announced 20. MAY