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Forskerlinjen i psykologi

What is forskerlinjen i psykologi?
Forskerlinjen is a new study program implemented at the Department of Psychology at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in 2018. The Department of Psychology at UiT is the first psychological department in Norway that has received funding for forskerlinje from the Research Council of Norway (NFR). Forskerlinjen is a program that targets motivated students in psychology and aims to involve students in research projects early in their studies. The aim is to recruit psychology students into future careers in research. Up to six students are admitted to the program each year. These students receive funding to work full time for one year on a research project lead by one of the faculty members of the department. It is possible to apply for additional funding, offered as scholarships, for students showing satisfactory progression in the program. 

Why should you become a forskerlinje-student?
Benefits for students joining the forskerlinje-program:

  • Students will participate in a research project in their own area of interest.
  • Students will get experience in conducting research.
  • Students will gain knowledge about the complete research process.
  • Students will closely collaborate with a faculty member.
  • Students will acquire important skills necessary for pursuing a career in research.

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Main facts about forskerlinjen i psykologi

  • One year of full time research, followed by part time research.
  • During the full-time-research year, research will be conducted and PhD courses will be taken.
  • This should result in a publication.
  • Application deadline: October, 15th 2018.
  • “Forskerlinjen” committee: Sarah Martiny, Kamilla Rognmo & Rannveig Grøm Sæle.