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How to write the thesis – The Faculty of Health Sciences

PhD theses shall normally be written in English. If you wish to write the thesis in a different language, you must apply for this upon admission for the study programme. 


The thesis is to be written in English. The thesis can only be written in Norwegian when an application to do so is granted with admission to the study programme.

Requirements of the articles

As a main rule, the thesis shall include three articles printed in or targeting international journals with referee services. You should also as a main rule be the prime author of at least two articles, where one should be published or accepted for publication in a referee based international journal. Other articles must be publishable.

Articles based on meta-analysis can be used as one of the three articles. You must use quantitative methods if you wish to use a systematic review article as one of the three articles.

The summary

You must write an overall presentation of the scientific results with an in-depth discussion (the summary). You can elaborate upon and, if necessary, rectify aspects in the articles in the summary.

We have made a guidance how to write the summary.


Non-published monographs can also be accepted in doctoral theses.

Thesis- and front page template

The university has made a word template for writing the doctoral thesis. The template, as well as information about reference techniques and how to work smarter with Word documents, can be found on this page:

Thesis template

If you have started writing the summary and just need the template for the front page, you can find it here:

Front page template

Please note that you must put both the faculty and the departments name on the front page.

The back page of your thesis is added when the thesis is sent to print (after the thesis is approved by the evaluation committee).

Things to consider when you write the summary (with printing the thesis in mind)

  • You can send the thesis to print as soon as it is approved by the evaluation committee. The thesis is printed in 170x240 mm. You must keep in mind that everything will be smaller in the printed version, since the thesis in written in A4 format (210x297 mm). There are therefore certain recommendations you should follow:
  • Margin size should be at least 2 cm on the sides and on the top of the page. The margin at the bottom should be 2,5 cm. 
  • Font size should be 12.
  • The page numbers should be centered or on the outer edge of the page (odd numbers to the right page and even numbers to the left).
  • Chapters, table of content, preface and such should start with odd numbers (so they appear on the right side in the book).
  • Bullet points and lines should not be less than 0.5 pt.

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