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Joint Nordic Master Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL)

The Joint Nordic Master Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL) is a unique programme, offered by three universities in cooperation; UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Uppsala University and University of Eastern Finland.

UiT The Arctic university of Norway - where the students will study the third semester of the NOMPEL master program. Foto: Stig Brøndbo, UiT The Arctic University of Norway


During the two-year programme, the students will be studying in three Nordic countries; first at Uppsala University in Sweden, then at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu, and finally at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. This will give international experience within and alongside the education, while studying at three law institutions with long experience in environmental law research and education. The programme provides a financial contribution to the students for travels between the three universities.

The first admission to the NOMPEL programme is for start-up in autumn semester 2019. Deadline for applying is January 15, 2019.

Please note: The application to the programme is submitted to Uppsala University only. Please read more about the programme and the application procedure at Uppsala’s webpage.

Why this programme?

The NOMPEL programme gives the students basic theoretical and methodological knowledge in environmental law. The students will acquire special legal knowledge and skills within two key environmental fields: (i) management of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity and (ii) climate change and energy transition.
Furthermore, NOMPEL provides knowledge in environmental law at three levels: internationally, within the EU and in the different Nordic countries. The goal is to create good conditions for those who are interested in legal work in the field of environment, nationally or internationally,
The University of Uppsala in Sweden, where the students will study the first semester. The second semester will be in Joensuu, at the University of Eastern Finland, the third at UiT in Tromsø. Foto: Colourbox.
but also for those who wish to study for a PhD  in environmental law.

The NOMPEL programme is the first joint programme in the field of law funded through the Nordic Council of Ministers. It’s objective is to make higher education in the Nordic Region more international and offer joint programmes that are research-based and build on the participating universities' areas of excellence.

The University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu.

Contact person:

Kamilla Lukkari

International coordinator
Faculty of Law
Phone: +47 77 64 42 19
E-mail: kamilla.lukkari@uit.no
Office:TEO-H4 4.430

More information:

Application deadline: 15 January

All applications are delivered to Uppsala university only

Information UiT for students admitted to NOMPEL