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Grade Description for Master Thesis in Law

Adopted by the Faculty Board on 9.3.2015, case no. JF 9-15

All learning goals shall be assessed, unless they in exceptional circumstances are less relevant for the specific type of assignment.


A.              An excellent paper. All relevant learning goals have been met, and the arguments are presented in a convincing way. The paper shows very good understanding of the subject matter. The paper is well structured, consistent, and is linguistically clear.

B.              A very good paper. All relevant learning goals have been met. The paper presents good arguments, and shows insights into the subject matter. The paper is linguistically clear and well structured.

C.              A good paper. Most learning goals have been met, and there are no significant weaknesses with the other learning goals.

D.               The paper is weak and shows lack of independent work. The paper also lacks a good overview of the subject matter. While all learning goals may show some weaknesses, none must be a significant or serious weakness

E.               The paper shows significant weaknesses. However, the paper also shows in relation to all learning goals some knowledge understanding and skills in relations to the subject matter above a minimum.

F.              The paper does not meet the minimum requirements in one or several of the learning goals

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