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Engineering and safety study programs targeted towards business and industry

At the Department of Engineering and Safety both studies and research is aimed towards operational and technological challenges in the High North. Students attending our engineering programs are sought after both in the public sector and private enterprises, especially oil/gas and maritime industry. Post qualifying programmes and courses are important. The Department organises specialised courses and simulator training based on industry demands.

Research Centre for High North operations

The special conditions in the High North - such as vulnerable environment, rough and unstable climate and long distances - represent major challenges for industrial activities in this region.

The Research Centre for High North Operations was established in the spring of 2009. The main objective is to provide research that can foster innovation and development for business and industry in the region. Industry partners, especially in oil & gas and shipping, plays an important role in initiating and developing new research projects.

A sample of current research projects:

  • Operations and maintenance of complex production facilities
  • Challenges related to maritime operations in cold climate
  • Organization of preparedness systems in the Barents Sea

Employees at Department of Technology and Safety:

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