Art and cultural expressions strike deep and touch wide. Art affects us and nurtures reflection. Artists and art suppliers attract public attention, create debate, provoke and cross boundaries.

Hence, the Arts need independent and confident practitioners and educators who have the ability and readiness to contribute to development and change in their field of work. We want to educate them and employ them. We aspire to be an arena for students and staff who want to interact with the local and the international artistic scene. That is why the Faculty of Fine Arts is engaged in research and professional development work at high levels within the field. The faculty also plays a vital role in the local and regional arts scene by its extensive audience directed activities, both under its own auspices and in collaboration with other actors.

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Acting and reflecting; making connections between theory and practice in teacher education  (Anne Eriksen, Annelise Brox Larsen & Tove Leming) In this paper, the authors explore the benefits of using theatre methods to enhance the reflective practice of teacher students. An applied theory of transformational learning is applied to enlighten the question of how practical experience from school placements played out in various theatre modes may empower the students in their professional performance as future teachers.
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