Department of Research and Development

The Department of Research and Development is responsible for strategic and administrative issues within research and artistic development at the university. In particular there is need for development within researcher exchange, external financing, relations to affiliated institutions and economic life in the region and on special competence in issues of the High North.

The Department of Research and Development co-operates closely with other departments, faculties and units, in particular in the areas of external financing, applied research, commercialisation, international co-operation, the management of PhD-studies and on the dissemination of research.

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H2020 and COVID-19

Relevant information about H2020 and COVID-19 published in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

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Kurs ved UiT: H2020 Proposal Writing - Focus Impact

Forskningsrådet og UiT tilbyr et todagerskurs med praktisk trening i å skrive prosjektforslag til Horisont 2020. Kurset tar spesielt for seg de tre prosjekttypene Innovation Action (IA), Research and Innovation Action (RIA) og Coordinating and Support Action (CSA).

Tid og sted: 13.-14. mai ved campus Tromsø.

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