Research that is beneficial for children and adolescents

We have a number of research projects within the field for the mental health of children and adolescents and child welfare.

Our research groups

·         Preventive and health promotion measures

·         Measures and treatment

We also have several assignments involving professional development and implementation at the institute:

RKBU is in charge of the website entitled Ungsinn (young minds), providing an online overview of measures for children and adolescents and an assessment of their benefits.

·         De utrolige årene (The Incredible Years) is a package of programmes targeting the prevention and treatment of behavioural and social difficulties among children.

·         Familiens hus (family centre) is a model for organisation of different services for children, adolescents and their families, all under the one roof.


Research results in Cristin

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Our research projects

We have 28 research projects at our unit: