Research at the Department of Medical Biology

The research conducted by the Department of Medical Biology focuses on fundamental biomedical questions and comprises research on various types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, the body's immune system and resistance to antibiotics, among other things. The Department also takes part in marine bioprospecting and in the development of new medicines. As part of an extensive cooperation network that includes both Norwegian and international partners, the Department chairs and participates in a number of projects funded by the European Union and the Research Council of Norway.

The Department is also in charge of educating researchers for the future through its research study programmes and PhD programmes. Read more about our PhD and research study programs here

Our research projects

We have 19 research projects at our unit:


The research administration team at the Dept. of Medical Biology has four employees. Their main job is to support and assist our researchers with all matters related to economy and administration.

Eirik Sødal Vole (Team Leader)

Lillian Aas

Karin Akselsen

Zvonko Mitrovic

Heads of Research Groups

Arnfinn Sundsfjord - Head of  Centre for new Anti-bacterial Strategies

Anne Ørbo - Head of  Group Gynecologic Oncology

Bård Smedsrød -  Head of Group Vascular biology

Elin Mortensen - Head of Group RNA and Molecular Pathology

Lill-Tove Busund -  Head of Group Translational Cancer

Qalbi Khan - Co-Head of  Group Tumor Biology

Synnøve Magnussen - Co-Head of  Group Tumor Biology

Erik Sveberg Dietrichs - Head of Group Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Ingebrigt Sylte - Head of Group Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology

Lorena Arranz - Head of Group Stem Cell Aging and Cancer

Mona Johannessen - Head of Group Host Microbe Interactions

Ole-Kristian Greiner-Tollersrud - Head of Group Lyzosomal

Terje Johansen - Head of Group Molecular Cancer

Terje Larsen - Head of Group Kardiovaskulær 

Thomas Berg - Head of Court Medical Center

Tor Stuge - Head of Group Immunology

Ugo Lionel Moens - 
Head of Group Molecular Inflammation