The academic and artistic based research at the Faculty of Fine Arts is closely associated with performing and exposition to an audience. In the arts to perform in front of an audience is not solely a way of communicating and disseminating results of research work. It may also form an integral part of the research itself and by this demonstrate the complexity of the arts in academia.

During the process of performing, exhibiting and the like, research results are being organized, processed for public exposure, experienced, valued and appreciated by both colleagues in and outside the academic community and the public. Immediate feedback or feedback in the form of critiques and reviews, is essential in enhancing further research and performance quality. Academic and artistic based research is often carried out in close collaboration with students.

There is thus a close relationship between artistic based research and the arts scene at large. Faculty staff and students contribute to the community outside academia through participation in festivals and in collaboration with various art and cultural mediators both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. This gives us insight into the valuable artistic based research that takes place outside academia, and serves as inspiration for a continuous discussion about art in academia. 

It is our ambition is to be positioned as a stimulating national and international reference milieu. Our aim is to be an active institution achieving our goals through academic and artistic based research of high national and international quality and to participate in national and international dialogues on artistic based research with the objective to identify, nurture and develop the Arts and the culture in our part of the world.

Our research projects

We have 2 research projects at our unit: