Research on Sami and Indigenous peoples' issues - local and global

Research in Sami and Indigenous Peoples’ issues are a high priority at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
Sami and Indigenous Peoples’ issues are a central part of research and teaching at the Centre for Sami Studies.  This focus has been encouraged and developed since the Centre joined the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education in 2013.

Research at the Centre for Sami Studies focuses on local and global aspects of indigenous issues. It draws on extensive experience in Sami studies developed at UiT The Arctic University of Norway over many years.

Some of our research projects

Indigenous Citizenship and Education (ICE) How does the education system treat indigenous peoples and indigenous issues? Hvordan behandler utdanningssystemet urfolk og urfolkstematikk?
TriArc - The Arctic governance triangle: government, Indigenous peoples and industry in change Indigenous peoples and Northern local communities have traditionally lived in close contact with and off nature, and developed arrangements for resource management that can be under considerable pressure due to large industrial development projects.
Our research projects

We have 16 research projects at our unit:

Urfolksuniversitetet ikonIndigenous university

UiT as an indigenous universty - links to some resourses.

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