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Some of our research projects

Arctic Modernities The Arctic Modernities project, which was completed 31 July 2016, investigated the impact of modernisation/modernity on the Arctic as a cultural formation. Among publications from the project are
  • Arctic Modernities (Nordlit no. 35, 2015),
  • a forthcoming special issue of Acta Borealia (2/2016) and
  • Arctic Modernities: Culture and Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) forthcoming 2017.

Mobile Lifestyles: Perspectives on Work Mobilities and Gender in the High North KVINNFORSK fikk i 2012 tilsagn på 7 mill. i FRISAM-midler fra Norges forskningsråd, hvor vi benytter en kombinasjon av kvalitative og kvantitative data fra sju kommuner i Finnmark fylke: Loppa, Alta, Kvalsund, Måsøy, Hammerfest, Nordkapp og Sør‐Varanger.
Our research projects

We have 2 research projects at our unit:
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