Research Projects

Some of our research projects

Prestige - Gender Balance in Research Leadership at UiT The Arctic University of Norway The Prestige project will engage with the university community on gender equality, conduct research on the institional and relational mechanisms that maintain gender inequality in research  and provide recommendations on what is required to achieve the goal of a more evened distribution of power and resources within the university's major research efforts. Because this balance is affected by conditions at different levels of organization, the Prestige project involves a number of professional and administrative units in the work of gender balance.  The project's work is part of a process for long-term structural and cultural change in the UH sector. It is an interdisciplinary research and action project that encompasses many different academic environments It uses quantitative and qualitative methods from several academic traditions in a critical exploration of quality concepts, quality assessments and power relations in academia.
Co-Creating The project explores connectivity and active citizenship across professions in collaboration with Scandinavian and other international researchers. The focus lies on the role of the arts for today's society. The project develops and carries out joint creative sessions involving artists, researchers, curators and people living with dementia and their relatives/friends in a museum. The purpose is to understand how good relationships and moments of belonging and interaction are created in and through the arts and analyze these with perspectives combining relational aesthetics and new material feminist theory.
Our research projects

We have 7 research projects at our unit: