The new department

The temporary board for the Department of Language and Culture

There are three safety delegates.  Line Nilsen Sandanger (deputy: Hege Olaussen) is safety delegate for the following area: A- and E-wing in Breivika 3. Maud Westendorp  (deputy: Björn Lundquist) is safety delegate for the following area: Teorifagsbygget house 4, 3. and 5. floor (language lab). Åsne Høgetveit (deputy: Emil Hammar) is safety delegate for the following area: Breiviklia.


Instituttleder Dahl, Eystein
Deputy Head of Office/Associate Professor of Scandinavian Literature Nesby, Linda
Professor, engelsk språkvitenskap/nestleder med ansvar for studiesaker Anderssen, Merete


Head of Office Paulsen, Beathe
Student adviser (Media- and Documentation Science, Art History) Guldahl, Kari Torill
Student adviser (Master of Education year 8-13, Scandinavian) Larsen, Trine Lise
Student adviser (MA English Literature) Mathisen, Kari
Student Adviser (General Literature, Spanish, Saami, Kven, Finnish) Sandanger, Line Nilsen
ON LEAVE - Student adviser (Russian, German, and Norwegian as a second language) Aambø, Kristian Osnes