Management and administration at ISK

The temporary board for the Department of Language and Culture

There are three safety delegates.  Line Nilsen Sandanger (deputy: Hege Olaussen) is safety delegate for the following area: A- and E-wing in Breivika 3. Maud Westendorp  (deputy: Björn Lundquist) is safety delegate for the following area: Teorifagsbygget house 4, 3. and 5. floor (language lab). Juliane Bockwoldt (deputy: Andreas Vårheim) is safety delegate for the following area: Breiviklia.


Instituttleder Dahl, Eystein
Deputy Head of Office/Associate Professor of Scandinavian Literature Nesby, Linda
Associate Professor Johnsson, Henrik
Head of Office Paulsen, Beathe


Student adviser (Media- and Documentation Science, Art History) Guldahl, Kari Torill
Student adviser (Master of Education year 8-13, Scandinavian) Larsen, Trine Lise
Student adviser (English Literature - master, English Acquisition and Multilingualism - master, Theoretical Linguistics - master) Mathisen, Kari
Student Adviser (General Literature, Spanish, Saami, Kven, Finnish) Sandanger, Line Nilsen
Studiekonsulent for nordisk, russisk, Russlandsstudier og tysk Skillingstad, Torhild
Functioning head of office for department of language and culture Aambø, Kristian Osnes