Focus on welfare, migration and diversity

The graphite wall is a result of project work led by our healthcare students in practice at a special school in Huddersfield, UK. Photo: UiT

The nursing community - with roots from institutional care for people with disabilities - has long traditions in Harstad, and formed the foundation for starting Harstad University College in 1983. In the decades since then, the education has grown to be one of the largest in Norway and the only part of the region.

The Department of Nursing Care focuses on the inclusion of groups in vulnerable positions, regardless of type of disability, gender, complexion and complexity. The Norwegian welfare society is based on solidarity and on the will to provide and share. Principles of all people's inherent dignity and equality are fundamental values ​​in today's healthcare business.

The academic environment in the department is broadly composed and takes care of different academic perspectives. We have employees in the fields of care, sociology, anthropology, psychology, political science, nursing, law, physiotherapy, interaction design and special education. Education and research place particular emphasis on the inclusion of people and groups in vulnerable positions.