About the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

The Department of Arctic and Marine Biology ( AMB ) gathers six research groups in biology in a large department that is located in several buildings. Our professional activity spans broadin both research and education from molecular mechanisms at the cellular level , physiological adaptations of organisms to ecological interactions in aquatic and terrestrial environments. The Department represents a current and exciting academic unit in biology that meet professional challenges in basic research , applied and management oriented research with a strong focus on northern ecosytems. The Department collaborates with regional institutions such as Framsenteret , the Institute of Marine Research and Bioforsk on extensive national and international research projects. At AMB we currently have 50 permanent faculty members, 7 administrative and 23 employees in technical positions, as well as approximately 70 temporary employed scientists, PhD students and technicians.


Head of Department Rudolfsen, Geir
Vice Dean for Research Berge, Jørgen
Kontorsjef AMB Ottesen, Anne Karin


Student advisor Andreassen, Siv
Research communication Bludd, Ellen Kathrine


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