About the Faculty of Law


Since 1984, UiT has offered Law studies, initially underlying the Institute of Fisheries.

In 1987, it was separated as an Institute of Law, and finally, in 1997, it became an autonomous Faculty of Law. 

The Faculty of Law at UiT today has about 75 employees: teachers, administrative staff and researchers , hereunder 15-20 PhD students.

We have bout 850 students doing a 5- Years' Master's degree in Law. Around 10 - 15 students are doing an international LLM - Master of Laws in the Law of the Sea. 

Our research is organized in 6 different research groups. We have a special emphasis on Law of the Sea and Saami-and Indegenous Peoples' Rights. 

The faculty aims for a good working environment and an efficient, strong and flexible organization that contributes to reach its goals. 


Innkallinger og referater

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