About AFU - The Department of Research and Development


AFU - The Department of Research and Development, is part of the Central Administration at the university and is led by the Director of Research Pål Vegar Storeheier.

AFU carries out a number support-fuctions on administration of research for, and coordinates betweeen, the Faculties which normally are the main and first-line actors for this field of administration.

AFU shall also ensure that UiT acts in a unified manner outwards on issues on administration of research and that incomming questions are taken care of in a good manner.

Note: Links below are to information in Norwegian:

Portal for administration of research. Here you should find answers to most questions on administration of research

Employees at AFU. Here you find more about our specialities

Forum for administration of research, a forum for information and discussion

Advisory group on Strategies for Research . the Director of Research is secretary

Associate Professor Programme. Programme for competencebuilding of staff within professional and vocational subjects

AFU-projects. Various initiatives within our field of work

AFU old web-pages