Welcome to The Norwegian College of Fishery Science

We offer six study programs

The NCFS offers two bachelor’s programs and three master’s programs, including one master’s program for international students. It is also possible to take our 5-year master’s program of professional study in Aquamedicine. Bachelor students in Fishery and Aquaculture Science choose a specialization after the third semester.

  • Biotechnology (bachelor and master)

  • Aquamedicine (program of professional study)

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (bachelor and master)

  • International Fisheries Management (master’s program for international students)


NAME: Carlos Fernando López Zurita
FROM: Spain
Second year master’s student, International Fisheries Management

The big difference between my prior studies and the IFM is that here you are expected to take more responsibility for your own learning. You need to work regularly throughout the semester and demonstrate independent thinking. I believe this is a valuable lesson that applies not only to your master’s studies but also to prospective work in fisheries management.

Tromsø is actually not so different from my home city, Granada. In Tromsø, you can always have a good time alongside your studies, whether you want to get involved in sports, enjoy the city’s vibrant social scene, go hiking in the mountains, or even try out cross-country skiing. The trails and slopes are often only minutes away from your doorstep.

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