Teaching metholds

We continuously effort to provide our students with education of high quality, where we find dynamic and interactive teaching methods of vital importance. This implies our courses consist out of both lectures and seminars, as of practical exercises (if the form of a moot court, or otherwise), student presentations and written assignments. Guest lectures and excursions to relevant institutions might be a further addition to the traditional teaching.

We encourage our students to participate actively during the lectures and seminars, and expect them to be prepared for lectures and seminars by studying the corresponding literature of the curriculum. Students should study independently in periods when there are no lectures or seminars, where we recommend both individual and group work.


Courses are assessed by an exam in the end of the semester the course is offered. Either form of examination is a six-hour closed book written exam, or a written home exam (4 days) combined with one oral exam. All written exams are held digitally.


Contact person:

Line Merete Skaalvik 2016 078.jpg

Line Merete Skarvik

International Affairs
Faculty of Law
Phone: +47 77 64 69 22
Office:TEO-H4 4.432


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