Buck, Mari

Senior adviser/ Support employees with foreign citizenship at UiT
International Cooperation Section

Frantsvåg, Jan Erik

Open Access adviser
Psychology and Law Library
Works with:
User support / Open Access / International cooperation Research interests:

Open access publishing, open access publishing business models, conditions enabling authors to choose open access, publication funds

Eik Anda, Erik

Associate Professor
Department of Community Medicine

Brokke, Astrid Sollid

international senior adviser, faggruppeleder
International Cooperation Section

Savinova, Tatiana

Senior adviser
International Cooperation Section

Das Neves, Carlos G

Associate Professor II
Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Health Sciences
Works with:
Strategy / International cooperation / Management support / Project management / Regulations / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

I have since my PhD  continued to work in virology of arctic mammals, mostly reindeer and seals. My work ranges from epidemiological studies of viral infections in the Arctic to molecular aspects of viral pathogenesis of herpesvirus and discovery of new viruses in reindeer and other arctic animals. 

I am very interested in the study of virulence mechanisms specially those regulating the host-pathogen interaction and the pathogen evasion from the host immune system. This is special relevant for agents of veterinary and zoonotic relevance such as vector born viruses. When ad...

Kononova, Natalia

Senior Adviser
International Cooperation Section

Wæhler, Turid Austin

PhD researcher (Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education) and advisor (Faculty of Health Sciences). 90 % research leave until 2023..
Department of Language and Culture

Perander, Trude

Department of Health and Care Sciences
Havnegata 5-7 252B

Hoori, Mohammad

Higher Executive Officer
International Cooperation Section