Yang, Nannan

Associate professor
Department of Community Medicine

Knutsen, Erik

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Medical Biology
Works with:
Training / Teaching / Academic supervision / Analysis / Molecular biology techniques Research interests:

The main focus of my research is within the field of non-coding RNAs and cancer. The class of non-coding RNAs have promising potential as novel targets for cancer therapy, and for this reason it is important to acquire more knowledge about the basic function of these RNA species. Some of the research project I have been involved in have shed light on the accuracy of methods for performing small RNA profiling, have identified important cancer associated miRNAs in neuroblastoma and meningioma, and have identified the small RNA content in exosomes from breast cancer cells in order to...

Wolden, Runa

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist
Department of Clinical Medicine

Hagestad, Ole Christian

PhD candidate
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science
Works with:
Teaching / Health, safety and environment (HSE) / Web editor / Bacterial work / Cell Growth / Laboratory operation / Molecular biology techniques Research interests:





Molecular biology

Heintzman, Peter

Associate Professor
The Arctic University Museum of Norway
Works with:
Molecular biology techniques / Laboratory operation / PCR-Method Research interests: