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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Felles studentsystem FS

Gjesvik, Emelia Emmanuella

Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Perander, Trude

Department of Health and Care Sciences
Havnegata 5-7 252B

Rist, Therese

Study administrator
Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic
Fakultet for Humaniora, Samfunnsvitenskap og Lærerutdanning

Mikalsen, Lill-Iren Gabrielsen

Department of Health and Care Sciences

Bergmann, Lovisa

Student adviser (MA English Acquisition and Multilingualism, MA Theoretical Linguistics, Spanish, Norwegian as a second language)
Department of Language and Culture

Lyngra, Magnus

Adviser, admissions
Academic Affairs Section

Bendiksen, Tine Elisabeth

Research, Education and Communication, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Karlsen, Kristin Haugseth

Academic Affairs Section
Havnegata 1