Sandanger, Line Nilsen

Student Adviser (General Literature, Nordic, common courses)
Department of Language and Culture

Hoem, Ottar Karsten

Central exam unit
Academic Affairs Section

Sollid, Brynjar Labugt

Adviser for primary and lower secondary school educations, Tromsø
Department of Education

Rist, Therese

Study administrator
Department of Clinical Medicine
Fakultet for Humaniora, Samfunnsvitenskap og Lærerutdanning

Aarbø, Anders

Academic Affairs Section

Sommervik, Monica

Academic Affairs Section
Alta B122

Nicolaysen, Marie Berger

Student advisor for Archaeology
Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology

Lyngra, Magnus

Adviser, admissions
Academic Affairs Section

Karlsen, Kristin Haugseth

Academic Affairs Section
Havnegata 1

Bendiksen, Tine Elisabeth

Research, Education and Communication, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Perander, Trude

Department of Health and Care Sciences
Havnegata 5-7 252B

Bergmann, Lovisa

Student adviser (MA English Acquisition and Multilingualism, MA Theoretical Linguistics, Spanish, Norwegian as a second language)
Department of Language and Culture

Hoori, Mohammad

Higher Executive Officer
International Cooperation Section