Figenschou, Lars

Responsible for Biology, Mathematics & Statistics
Science and Health Library
Works with:
Library / Information literacy Research interests:

Before I started at the NH-library, I (among others) worked with communication, relations, signals and behaviour. That is, I tried to implement knowledge from behavioural ecology and evolutionary psychology - to optimize organizational structures and other "bottom-line" increasing areas, within various departments and divisions. This background has shown to be very useful in my current job - as a Senior academic librarian.  

My Phd project and research training focus on several aspects of flir...

Tatone, Ivan

The Norwegian College of Fishery Science
Research interests:

Fishing Technology

Commercial and scientific diving

Cruise leader and cruise preparation

Increasing fish efficiency

Developing new fishing gears

By-catch and fish behavior topics

Underwater video recordings

Building and repairing of fishing gear