Bårnes, Vibeke

Academic librarian in sociology, political science, social anthropology and religion
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Lian, Olaug S.

Medical Humanities, forskningsgruppe
Research interests:
  • Medical Uncertainty
  • Contested Chronic Conditions: experiential perspectives
  • Sociology of diagnosis
  • Social constructions of health and illness
  • Cultural, historical and gendered perspectives on medical knowledge and practice
  • Medicalisation as a modern phenomena
  • The medical encounter: patient-doctor interaction and roles
  • Illness experiences
  • Qualitative research and narrative theory
  • The role of theory in qualitative research
  • Photography and visual research
  • Critical perspectives o...

Salamonsen, Anita

RKBU North
Research interests:


  • user/patient perspectives
  • user involvement in research and public services
  • the quality of health care systems
  • mental health of children and adolescents
  • cancer trajectories and cancer narratives
  • cancer and MS patients' use of complementary and alternative medicine
  • arts, culture and mental health
  • person centered care/ patient pathways
  • epistemologies in health care and health research
  • decision-making
  • doctor-patient communication
  • complementary and alternative ...

Kjæmpenes, Wenche M.

Associate professor in political science
Department of Child Welfare and Social Work

Fedreheim, Gunn Elin

The Barents Institute
Campus Harstad