Bårnes, Vibeke

Academic librarian in sociology, political science, social anthropology and religion
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Mankova, Petia

Associate professor in history
Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology
Research interests:
  • Russian and Soviet / Postsoviet history
    • local and regional history  (Northwestern Russia, Murmansk region)
    • indigenous and minorities history
    • visual sources
    • social history

Through a number research in Northwestern Russia since 1995 I have acquired detailed knowledge about Northwestern Russia, about the  relations between Norway and Russia, and about indigenous people in the Arctic. My research interests are in lie at the intersection between modern history, anthropological perspectives and visual c...

Risør, Mette Bech

Professor, leader of research group, assistant manager of AFE
General Practice Research Unit in Tromsø
Research interests:

Mette Bech Risør is a professor in medical anthropology. She has many years of experience with research in functional disorders, however her research interests also span other fields, such as symptom perception/interpretation, illness perceptions, health systems and health practices in everyday life. Theoretically she is inspired by critical theory but also by phenomenology/life world concepts and theories on health, illness and doctor-patient relations. She has operationalised these theories and others in analyses of knowledge production, illness explanations and rationality/reasoni...