Eriksen, Helen Kathrine

Research Administration and Quality Education Section

Sommerseth, Ingrid

The Arctic University Museum of Norway
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ePhorte / Outreach/dissemination / Research group Research interests:

My research focus are Sámi bear grave sites related to place names in Sápmi.

Among my other research interests are themes discussed in my PhD, the archaeological remains and the affiliation to the landscape in the wild reindeer hunt and the transition to the nomadic reindeer herding culture.  

Wæhler, Turid Austin

PhD researcher (Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education) and advisor (Faculty of Health Sciences). 90 % research leave until 2023..
Department of Language and Culture

Sagelv, Edvard Hamnvik

PhD candidate
School of sport sciences
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Teaching / Academic supervision / Research group / Outreach/dissemination Research interests:

Research interests: 

 - Epidemiology

 - Physical Activity and Health

 - Exercise Physiology

 - Sports Nutrition

 - Health Psychology

Nordström, Linnea

Team lead Library communications
Science and Health Library