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Servicetorget i Alta

Servicetorget is located in Glassgata at the main entrance. We have a number of services that both students and staff benefit from. As a new student, this is where you go to print student IDs / key cards / parking cards. Here you also get the information and guidance you need to get started with your studies.

If we can not help, we know who can!

Opening hours:
08:00–15:30 weekdays (summer time 08:00–14:45 from 15 May to 15 September)

  • Student / key cards
  • Parking cards
  • Audio and video services – we will help you connect and make sure you can start your audio and video conversation with those you want. Remember to book the video conference room early so that you are sure that no one else uses it when you need it.
  • Printing
  • Grade transcripts and confirmations
  • Lending of dictaphones etc.
  • Bookcases
  • Lost and found

Servicetorget i Harstad

Phone: +47 77 05 81 46

Servicetorget i Narvik

The service desk is located by the main entrance. Here you can leave messages, get transcripts of records and student confirmations, and we can help you find the right person at UiT in Narvik if you have questions or problems.

UiT Info Centre (Tromsø)

Opening hours
10:00–15:00 weekdays

Location: Culture and Social Sciences Library in Breivika, Tromsø 
Phone: 776 44 000 (opening hours 09:00-15:00 / Lunch between 11:30 - 12:00 ) 

Study services (self-service portal)


The information center offers the following services:

You will find answers to most questions about admissions here:

About transcripts of records and diplomas

At the UiT Information Center, you will be able to retrieve a transcript of records with your results from UiT. We can not print diplomas for you.

Diplomas are issued automatically after you have completed your education and therefore do not need to be ordered. The exception is a bachelor's degree in freely combined subjects, which you must apply for. More information about diplomas can be found here.

Transcript of records
If you need to share your results digitally, you can use the Diploma Registry. Here you can also download them. You can also download or order transcripts via Studentweb. More information about transcripts can be found here.

Information Desk at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Tromsø)

Opening hours
09:00–13:00 weekdays until further notice

MH building west, level 8
Phone: +47 776 44610

Contact and order forms (self-service portal)

Postal address
Seksjon for forskning, utdanning og formidling Helsefak
Faculty of Health Sciences
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Po. Box 6050, Langnes
9037 Tromsø, Norway

Reception of goods
UiT the Arctic University of Norway,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
Varemottak MH- øst, plan 6,
Sykehusveien 44,
9019 Tromsø

Services Other inquiries
  • Publication on info screens (the Information Desk has the editorial responsibility for info screens belonging to the Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Publication on the Noticeboard (Tavla) for employees and students at the faculty
  • Right copy in Norwegian and English
  • Submission of a medical certificate in connection with the exam, police certificate, MRSA form, travel expenses and more
Lost & found

On level 6, by the trees, there is a trolley where clothes, mittens, scarfs and other garments are placed and may be found.

All valuable items must be delivered to/picked up at the Information Desk on level 8.