Canvas - Nettbasert læring og undervisning

Canvas er en læringsplattform som åpner for integrasjon mellom forskjellige verktøy og vil gi muligheter for varierte undervisningsformer. Les mer om Canvas på denne nettsiden.

NB! Fronter stenges 30. juni 2018. Slik tar du vare på innhold i Fronter

Nettadresse for innlogging:

Brukernavn og passord: Ditt brukernavn og passord ved UiT


Getting started with Canvas - For students

This document provides information and tutorials about the things you need to get started with Canvas as a student. Content: App for students - Email - Language settings - Find your courses - Tutorials - Introduction to Canvas - Assignments and quizzes - Studentweb - Notifications - Feedback

FS and Canvas - For study consultants

Below you will find UiT's user support for data registration in FS for Canvas, and is ment for study consultants and everyone else whose task it is to punch data into FS for Canvas. The Canvas introduction project is in its pilot-phase, and we ask for your patience and understanding regarding the support pages being "fluid" and subject to change as we all move forward, ITA, UTA and all the study consultants included. Content: Data fra FS til Canvas (No) - Grupper og seksjoner i Canvas (No) - Oversikt FS-bilder Canvas (No) - Publish a course in Canvas - Roller og personroller (No) - Slik blir det i Canvas (No)

Canvas for teachers

This document has what you need to start using Canvas as a teacher at UiT. Content: App for employees - Email - Language settings - Find your courses - Tutorials - Introduction to Canvas - Course for employees - Publish a course in Canvas - Notifications

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