Fronter is an online system used for virtual classrooms at the university. You can access the virtual classrooms through web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.

Access for Students

You must be registered for the course in Studentweb and have appropriate studyrights to access the classroom in Fronter. If you lack access to rooms in Fronter, contact the Student Services Desk and ask them to check if you are registered correctly in StudWeb / FS according to the topics you follow.

Access for employees

You need to be registered in FS (Felles Studentsystem) as a lecturer to gain access to the different virtual study rooms in Fronter.

Employees who lack access to rooms in Fronter must contact the student administration at their faculty/institute to be added to the course as lecturer in FS (Joint Student System). Access to the room vil be available the day after registration

Access for visitors

External sensors and other external guests in Fronter get their access by contacting the student administration of the subject, or the subject's Fronter administrator. Usually one of the subject's lecturers or project managers.

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