IT-user account - Employees

Your IT-user account at UiT gives you access to a wide range of services, including those mentioned on our page for "IT-user account at UiT".

Employees' user accounts are activated the moment they are created. All you need to do is contact Orakelet for your username and password.

New employees

Your supervisor or the unit's HR representative is responsible for making sure that your info and the details of your contract are delivered to the Dept. of Human Resources and Organisation. If this is done correctly and in a timely manner, you should have an IT-user account ready in time for your first day at work. Contact Orakelet for your username and password.

If your IT-user account is not ready in time, this is usually becase our payment and personnel system, PAGA, does not have your full info yet, and is thus unable to provide our IT-systems with the required data.

In this event, you need to be manually registered through SystemX. This can be done by the administration at the faculty or institute of your employment. Your supervisor needs to contact the local SystemX-registrar and ask that this be done on your behalf.

New employees without a Norwegian social security number

Employees who have yet to receive their Norwegian social security number (and lack a temporary social security number) will not have their info sent from PAGA to our IT-systems. As a result, an IT-user account will not be automatically created, and an account needs to be manually created through SystemX by the relevant intitute or faculty. The IT-user account will be ready one hour after its creation, and you can contact Orakelet to receive a username and password once this is done.

Emeritus and Emerita

If you are registered as Emeritus or Emerita, you may retain your UiT user account. As you are no longer registered in PAGA, your IT-user account needs to be manually extended by your faculty administration. Contact HR at your institute or faculty and ask to have your IT-user account extended in SystemX.

Guests, visitors, and external associates

Those paid externally whilst working at UiT may still be granted a UiT IT-user account. This includes guest researchers, fellows and other associates with ties to UiT. 

Access to Fronter

Access to Fronter requires you to be associated with those courses in FS (Felles Studentsystem). This is done by student councillors. More information on this is available here.

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