IT-user account (Guests)

Where IT-user accounts are concerned, "guests" refers to anyone not registered as a student in our student registry (StudWeb/FS) or as an employee in our payment and personnel system, PAGA. Whether you are a student at an institute of higher learning in Norway or beyond, a guest lecturer, or an external researcher, an IT-user account is needed for you to access our services.

Do you need an IT-user account at UiT?

Not necessarily. If your stay at UiT is particularly short and all you need is access to the internet on your personal computer or phone, you can create your own guest account for use with our guest network. Please read our page on the Guest network: UiT-Guest - (campus tromsø).

The wireless network Eduroam is available at UiT's campuses. If you are an employee or a student at an institution with Eduroam access, you can use UiT's wireless network.

If you require the use of any of the services listed on the page for IT-user accounts, you will need an IT-user account.

Guest students

If you are enrolled as a student at another institute of higher learning, yet are finishing your studies at one of our campuses, you may be eligible for an IT-user account.

  1. Contact Student Services. You may be registered as a student in our student registry. Student Services are located in the Administration Building on the second floor, and are available at 776 44 960

    If you are a registered student, Student Services will provide you with a PIN code for StudentWeb. This PIN code can be used to activate your account as described in our document on IT-user account - Activation (Students)
  2. If you are not in our student registry, you need to contact the faculty or institute with which you are associated as a guest. If you have a contact person or supervisor, they should be able to help. Faculty or institute administration will manually registrate you in our IT-systems if you are eligible for an account. Once this is done, contact Orakelet for your username and password.

External associates, lecturers or fellows

If you are paid by an external unit or institution, but are associated with UiT, you may need an IT-user account. In this case, you will not have an entry in our payment systems, and as a result, your associated faculty or institution needs to create an IT-user account in SystemX.
  1. Contact your UiT supervisor. They will contact their administration or supervisor to have an IT-user account made for you.
  2. After you have been registered in SystemX, your user account will be ready in about one hour. Contact Orakelet at 776 44544 or visit our offices for your username and password. Remember to bring valid ID.

External examiners and other external personnel requiring access to fronter or digital exams

If you need access to Fronter or "Digital Eksamen"(Digital Exams) as an examiner or lecturer, but are not employed at UiT, you need to be registered as an associate in our student registry, Felles Studentsystem (FS). FS will create an IT-user account and supply details needed by these services.
  1. If you do not know whether or not you have a user account, contact the Dept. of Studies at the faculty with which you are associated. They will be able to determine if you have an account associated with the relevant studies in FS.
    • If you are registered in FS, call Orakelet at 776 44544 to receive a username and password.
    • If you are not registered in FS, ask the student councillor to add you. Your IT-user account will be ready for use the day after your FS registration.
  2. If you have an IT-user account, but have forgotten your password, contact Orakelet for a new password.

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