E-mail - Change display name

The display name is the name shown in front of the e-mail address when someone receives an e-mail. This display name is also used in Fronter, Cristin, when searching for people on UiT websites, internal phone book and global address list in Outlook.

Important! Only employees can change their display name.

  1. Go to Intranett and log on with your UiT user account. 
  2. Search for your own name and click on it.
  3. Choose Redigere dokument on right side, then Personkortet will open for editing.
  4. The display name boxes are "Fornavn" - First name (Visningsnavn) and "Etternavn" - Last name (visningsnavn). You can edit your name in these two boxes
  5. Scroll to the bottom on the page when you are finished and press "OK" to save your changes
  6. The change will take place in ethe e-mail system the following day.

NOTE: You can only enter one name or a double hyphenated name in the "Etternavn" field. All other names are typed into the field "Fornavn"; Exceptions may be foreign names with von, van, etc.; note, though, that most systems alphabetize by the name of the letter v.

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