File services - Personal and shared drives


After successfully logging on to a computer provided by UIT, you will find one or several network drives automatically mapped up.

  • H: (Employees and students) This is your personal network drive. Only you can access the files stored on this drive. The personal network drive has several backups per day.
  • Shared drives: (Employees and students). Though mainly accessed by employees, shared drives can also be associated with projects or other activities, and students participating in these projects or activities can get access to these shared drives as well.

Disk quota

Disk quota is measured in Gigabytes (GB). Most shared drives have a specific quota allocated that is adjustable by the IT department (except Z:\). You can get a graphical presentation of how much of your quota is available through Windows Explorer.

  • H: Personal drive has a 6GB disk quota. One can apply for an increased quota. The prerequisite for an increased quota is that there's a job related reason for the increased quota. Non-job related files are assumed to be deleted before you apply for an increased quota.
  • Shared drives: Increased whenever needed. If there's a particularly large set of files that must be stored, please contact Orakelet in advance.

Applying for an increased quota:

Send an email to from your provided University email with the subject field "Increasing drive quota".

The body of the email must contain at least the following:

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Faculty / Institute / Branch
  • Contact phone number
  • Which disk that needs its quota increased
  • The quota needed
  • The reason why the increased quota is needed


All network drives are a part of a backup regime. This is why no work related files must be stored on local drives.

  • H: Every 8th hour
  • Shared drives: Vary

Restoring lost files:

Lost files can be restored. You can find the procedure for restoring lost files on this page

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