Outlook 2016 - Configuration Guide

NOTE! This tutorial is for privately owned computers. UiT computers in offices, the library, and reading areas connect automatically to your UiT email account.



Step 1: Start Outlook

You will be asked to configure your client when you start Outlook for the first time. When you see the image below, click "Next"

outlook konfigurer

Step 2: Add an Email Account

Select "yes" to add a new Email account and click "Next".

outlook konfigurer

Step 3: Add your email address

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your password

Click "Next" when you are finished

konfigurer outlook


Step 4: Allow server settings

If you get a popup asking for permission to auto-configure server setting, click "Allow".

konfigurer outlook


Step 5: Velg "Logg inn med en annen konto/Use another account"

As your email is not necessarily the same thing as your user account, select "Use another account".

konfigurer outlook


Step 6: Log on

Write username@uit.no (e.g. abc123@uit.no) and your UiT password. Select "Remember my credentials" and click "OK".


Step 7: You are now ready to read and write email

Click "Finish" to let Outlook connect you to our email services

konfigurer outlook



  1. Start Outlook on your Mac.
  2. If this is the first time you open Outlook it will ask you to add an email account. If it doesn't, open Outlook > Preferences > Accounts. Click Add Email Account or + > new Account.
    Fra Preferanser i Outlook. Legg til ny konto.
  3. Input your UiT email address.
    Employees: name.lastname@uit.no
    Students: username@post.uit.no

    Legg til UiT epost i Outlook på Mac
  4. Log in with your username@uit.no (e.g. abc123@uit.no) and your UiT password. Click Sign in.
    Loginvindu for Office 365 via Outlook på Mac
  5. Outlook will ask you to confirm the log in information. Use your username@uit.no and UiT password. Click OK.
    Outlook på Mac pålogging for ny epost konto

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