E-Mail - Configuration setting for Android devices NOTE!!! This guide is no longer in use

This guide is no longer in use!

Check out uit.no/orakel



 Old guide starts here, do not use this

This tutorial will show you how to set up your UiT email account in the Email app on an Android device. If you are unsure that your device uses Andriod, you can check it on this link this list.

The look of your device might vary from the pictures.


1. Press the button for "Settings". 2. Scroll down and press "Cloud and accounts".
Settings on Android androidnativemail-2eng
3. Click "Accounts". 4. Scroll down and press "Add account".



5.Scroll down and press "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync". 6. Write in your full email address and password, then choose "Manual setup".
Employees: name.lastname@uit.no
Students: abc123@post.uit.no
androidnativemail-5eng androidnativemail-6eng
7. "Exchange server Settings" are filled out like this:
Domain\username: username@uit.no
Password: Enter your password again
Exchange server: outlook.office365.com
Press "Sign in"
8. Press "Ok" on the "Remote secutiry administration" pop up
androidnativemail-7eng androidnativemail-8eng
9. Under "Device administrator" press "Activate"  



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