E-mail - Configuration of IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)



[This guide is no longer correct for employees after the switch to compulsory two-factor


This page shows you how to set up a UiT email account in the Mail app on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Exchange.
The first steps for setting up an Exchange email account on an iPhone

Configuration settings
     Email: your UiT email address
          Students: username@post.uit.no
          Employees: name.lastname@uit.no
     Password: your UiT password
     Description: Optional, e.g. "UiT email"

Click Next

Additional information
     Server: outlook.office365.com
     Domain: (leave blank)
     Username: username@uit.no
     Password: your UiT password

Click Next

nativeiphonemail-6eng nativeiphonemail-7eng

Select services

Mail, Calender, Contacts (Note! see info below), Reminders





Regarding synchronizing Contacts: When you synchronize your UiT contacts to your iPhone, the iPhone will ask you if you want to keep your current contacts or delete them. If you keep them you risk having two copies of certain contacts. If you choose to delete exisiting contacts you might delete contacts that were saved locally on your iPhone. On a new iPhone that doesn't have any locally saved contacts this won't be a problem. However, if you have many locally saved contacts on your phone, you may want to consider whether you should synchronize your UiT contacts.

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