Outlook 2016 - Opening archive files

This user guide will take you through the steps needed to open an archive file in Outlook 2016.

Step 1: Select the "File" tab

Step 2: Open data file

  1. Select "Open & Export"
  2. Select "Open data file for Outlook"

 Step 3: Locate the archive file

  1. Select the drive where your archive file is located
  2. Select the archive file. If the archive file is located in a folder, navigate to the relevant folder
  3. Click "OK"

In the below example, the archive file is located on the H: drive

Step 4: Read the archive file contents

The archive file is now available at the bottom of the left-hand navigation pane

  1. Open the archive by clicking the triangle [!]  to the left of the archive file's name

Step 5 (Optional): Closing the archive

You may remove the archive file from Outlook by closing it. When you close the archive, the file will not be deleted, you are simply no longer viewing it through Outlook.

  1. Right-click the archive
  2. Select Close (Name of archive file)

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