Outlook 2016 - Adding a shared mailbox

You may add shared mailboxes in Outlook 2016 providing you have a sufficient level of access. An example of such a shared mailbox is a faculty's inbox.


  • You need permission to see the contents of a shared mailbox. Ask your leader to send an email to orakel@uit.no requesting access to the mailbox in question.



  1. Choose "File"
  2. Choose "+Add Account"
  3. Type in the mail address for the shared mail account (ie: zztestxx@asp.uit.no)
  4. Choose "Allow" 
  5. Choose "Finish"
  6. Close Outlook and open it again
  7. Open the mailbox (The mailbox will be shown at the bottom of the mailbox folder list)


Frequently asked questions

The mailbox I've added is empty

If the shared mailbox is empty, and you know that it contains emails, you do not have access to the mailbox in question. Please see "Prerequisites" at the beginning of this guide.

The shared mailbox is now chosen as standard when I open Outlook

You can deside which mailbox you wand as standard under the "File" option in Outlook.

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