System-X - Supplementary user registration system

System-X is used for supplementary registration of users when users need a user account but are not registered in FS (Felles studentsystem) or PAGA (UiT's payroll system).

Registrar access to System-X

Upper management at a unit, faculty, branch, or institute can ask for registrar access for any of their employees. Management needs to send an email to with the name, position and user name of the employee to get registrar access for that employee. Registrar access is assigned by PRI-BAS.

The local System-X registrar will process users as assigned by upper management. The registrar is usually assigned to human resources. In Uit Alta's case, the registrar is assigned to the centralized human resources department.

Sample users that might need System-X accounts:

  • Newly employed users that haven't been transferred from PAGA
  • Ph. D. candidates and sundry users not salaried by UiT
  • Guest researchers or guest students that need access to the UiT AD domain

Please note: Ph. D. candidates registered in FS will automatically be assigned a user account.

Who can ask to get a user processed in System-X?

Upper management at the faculty, unit, institute or branch contact their local System-X registrar directly to get a user processed. Renewal of a System-X account is done similarly.


User account

  • The user account will normally be ready for use the next business day
  • User name will be provided to the user through an email to the supplied contact email address
  • Password will be generated by Orakelet on request by phone or by coming to the helpdesk
  • The user account will be validated at most one year at a time. If the account is to be valid for more than a year, it needs to be revalidated every twelve months at a minimum.

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