Outlook 2016 - Out of Office

Outlook features two separate functions for out of office notifications.

  1. Automatic replies (Out of Office): This has multiple effects, but please note that these functions only affect UiT students and employees.
    • You will automatically send an email explaining you are out of office
    • If someone begins composing an email to you, they will receive a notification of your absence from Outlook before they send it
    • Skype for business shows a marker denoting your absence
  2. Out of Office in the calendar: Employees who book meetings will see you as unavailable.

1. Automatic replies (Out of Office)

1.1.  Select File, and then "Automatic replies"

1.2. Select "Send automatic replies" and choose a time range if desired. Enter the text detailing the terms of your absence and click "OK"

2. Out of Office in your calendar

This function requires that you create an appointment in your Outlook Calendar and mark yourself as "Busy" or "Out of Office". This is useful for longer periods of absence (vacations, leaves of absence etc.) to ensure that coworkers setting up meetings see that you are not available.

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