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SafeCom PullPrint lets you collect printed documents at any printer supporting this service. Activate your ID-card with our pullprint-service, print something, and collect it at the whichever pullprint-printer is convenient for you.

Activating your ID-card for use with SafeCom PullPrint

If you have not used this service previously, or if you have received a new ID-card, you need to activate your card for use with our print services.

  1. Visit and log in with your username and password (Please note: To access this website, you need to be connected to UiT's network)
  2. Select Setup [a] and then Generate new PUK [b]. Write down this PUK-code.
    (You need to delet any previous ID-codes before you can create a new PUK)
    1. Delete your previous ID-code to generate a new PUK. This has to be done if your previous card was connected to this print service. [!] You can not use the PUK code shown on the page beacause it is connected to your previous card.
  3. Close your browser.
  4. Visit one of the PullPrint printers with a card reader as shown below ("Kortleser").
  5. Show your ID-card to the card reader. Enter the PUK-code when prompted. Select "Angi" / "OK"
  6. The printer will now ask you for a PIN code. Enter 1234, select "Angi" / "OK"
  7. The printer should now say "Operation succeeded Please logon again". Select "JA".

Your ID-card is now connected to our print services. To collect your printed documents in the future, simply show the card to the card reader and select "pullprint".


  1. Print your document (Use the printer that has "PullPrint" in its name).
  2. Visit the printer and show your card to the card reader. This will log you in.
  3. Press the "PULLPRINT" icon in the display on the printer. This icon may appear different from what's shown based on the printer model.
  4. Select the document you wish to print, or select "Alle"(All) and press "PRINT".
  5. You will automatically be logged out after 30 seconds. If you're done and you haven't been logged out, simply show your card to the printer again to log out.

Printing without an ID-card

If you do not have an ID-card with you at the present, you can still use our printers, provided you have an IT user account at UiT.

  1. Print your documents
  2. Visit one of the PullPrint printers and press the "Pullprint" icon
    • If the printer has a button called "Tilpassede tjenester"(Flexible/Adaptive services), click it before proceeding.
  3. Click the “Tastatur”(Keyboard)-icon
  4. Enter your username, domain (this should be "AD") and your passord
  5. Select the document you wish to print, or select "Alle"(All) and press "PRINT"

Automatic deletion of print jobs

Please note: Any print jobs sent to the print systems not collected within 12 hours will be deleted.

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