Wifi - UiT (Eduroam)

  1. Choose the network called Eduroam.
  2. In the username field: your-useraccountname@uit.no and then the password for this account in the next field.
  3. Accept the certificate.


If you prefer to configure your computer yourself you can use these: 

User manuals




Windows Phone

HTC, Samsung etc iPhone, iPad, iPod Windows Phone



Windows 10 - troubleshooting

Logo Windows 8

Windows 8 – troubleshooting

Logo Windows 7

 Windows 7 – troubleshooting

Logo Mac

 Mac OSX – simple manual


Eduroam is short for Education Roaming and is an international collaboration between research and educational institutions. Menbers of the collaboration offer wireless network access to all users at institutions that are members of this partnership. This includes many universities, colleges and airports across Norway and Europe.





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