Student Residence Network (cable, byod and Eduroam)

All student residences where UiT serves as internet service provider are connected to UNINETT's gigabit fiber.

Access to the network by cable

Simply plug your network cable into the internet socket in the wall, and you will be connected to the UiT network. You do not need to perform any setup beyond ensuring that the device uses dynamic IP. This is the standard setting for most computers and internet-capable devices.

If you have a wireless access point in one of your rooms, do not disconnect it from the socket in the wall. If you wish to use a cable to connect to the internet, utilise the ethernet ports at the bottom of the box.

Frequently asked questions

Accessing the wifi

Most residences where UiT serves as network service provider will have wifi. For details on the status of our wifi infrastructure, please see the updated tables at the bottom of our Norwegian documentation here. There are three different wireless networks available.

  • SSID Eduroam: Choose this in preference if you are student or employee at UiT. This is the same network as the one available on campus by the same name. For more information please see Wifi - UiT (Eduroam).
  • SSID Eduroam 2,4GHZ: Only use this network if your computer or device is too old to use the main "Eduroam" network. Performance is significantly worse than the primary network, which runs at 5ghz.
  • SSID BYOD:  Use this for devices that do not support Eduroam. This includes TV's, gaming consoles and similar devices. Residents who are not students or employees at UiT may utilise this network for internet access.
    Network-ID (SSID): uit-byod - Password: wifibyod
    Security protocol: WPA/WPA2-AES (If your device prompts you to choose)

Frequently asked questions

  • May I connect Chromecast to the wireless network?
    Yes. This is currently being tested in Tromsø, Alta and Hammerfest. Use SSID uit-byod. This is currently not available in Harstad and Narvik.


Student residence network overview

Please see the Norwegian document for the student residence network for an overview of all residences whose networks fall under the purview of UiT, and the availability of wired and wireless internet.

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