Printing - Installing PullPrint on Macintosh (UiT computers)

PLEASE NOTE! - This option is only intended for eployees. The driver will always print in colour if that option is available on the printer. Students using the driver risk being charged 0,8 kroner per printed page instead of 0,2 (black/white). Student has to use the Mobile Print service to print from private computers


If your provided Macintosh computer does not have access to the PullPrint printers, you can add these drivers yourself.

1. Installation through Managed Software Center


  • The computer is owned by UiT
  • You log in to this computer using your UiT username and password.
    • If you do not log in to this computer with your UiT username and password, or if this is a privately owned Mac, please consult this guide instead.
  • The computer is connected to the university network by cable or via the wireless network Eduroam
  • Managed Software Center is installed.

Installation guide

  1. Start Managed Software Center as described here.
  2. Install PullPrintxx. Replace "xx" with the model of the Xerox printer you usually use. If you can't find your model choose the one only called Pullprint.
  3. The selected printer will now be installed.

2. Installation through the software portal LiReg

If Managed Software Center is not available on your Mac, you can also install the PullPrint drivers through LiReg.


  • The computer is owned by UiT.
  • You log in to this computer using your UiT username and password
  • You know the admin/service password for this computer.
  • This computer is connected to the University network via cable, or the wireless network Eduroam

Installation guide

  1. Log in at and select "all available contracts".
  2. Accept the license agreement for "PullPrint for Mac OS X"
  3. Download the drivers you wish to install (please consult the information given in LiReg when deciding which drivers to install).
  4. Once this file is downloaded, run it. (Click the downloaded package file).
  5. Accept all the following prompts from the installer.

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