Techsmith Relay: Screen recodings

The University of Tromsø has set up a recording solution that record actions you make on your computer, app device or PPT lecture. The recordings are made easy with Techsmith Relay (former Camtasia Relay), which is a video server solution that allows easy recording of your screen and publish video. The new version is Feide login compatible.

Here is some external resources regarding this service:

You can use Relay independently and in isolation or together with Camtasia studio. There is also an app for Android and iPhone to connect to the Relay. Search for "fuse" in your app store.

If you have questions about Camtasia Relay contact


The program can be installed on all university computers with Windows 7 via Software Center

Mac users can download the client/program using the administration. Requires username/password.

You can download other clients in Relay administration.

Ecampus has made an easy access to your recordings and videolinks


The App that can be used with relay is called Fuse (Android and iPhone). Server name to be used is: /

User access

At the moment the service is basically available to employees. You need Feide access to login and use Relay. Login here to activate your account!

Note: Username has to include "". (i.e. on login to both webadministration and local client.

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