Sharepoint is a service that lets you store your files in UiTs cloud storage. This means you can access your files from any computer with an Internet connection. When you log on to myDoc or uDoc you can access all your files and files that have been share with you. You can also create new documents and edit existing documents.

The service supports Windows and Mac with Office 2016. Sharepoint is also accessible from tablets and smart phones like iPhone and Android (HTC, Samsung).

UiT's Sharepoint is divided up into two sections: myDoc and uDoc.


myDoc is where you store your personal files. You can also share these files with other UiT employees. Access myDoc directly by going to


This is the university's service for project sites. You can create projects, save files, calendars, and tasks and share these with everyone who is a project member. Access uDoc directly by going to 

Projects on uDoc can also include members who are not UiT employees. This requires that the member log on with a Gmail/Google account (Norwegian text).

Log on to Sharepoint

How to use Sharepoint?

After you've logged on to Sharepoint you will have access to many user manuals that will teach you how to use Sharepoint. All user manuals are available on Sharepoint Support.

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