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All employees at UiT have their own page on It is an opportunity to describe your work for students, other employees at UiT and external contacts. 

Information from the page is usually shown at the top of searches on, and it is usually one of the sources listed early on a Google search results page. 

Changing information on your personal page

To change information on your personal page, log on to  

  1. Press the plus sign on the right hand of the page.
  2. Press “Rediger personkort” 
Where to edit your personal page. Foto: Screenshot

Suggested edits 

Your personal page is already partially filled with information as your name, contact details and where you work at UiT. It is available in Norwegian, English and Samii on 

To highlight your area of expertise you should additionally fill inn:

  • A picture of yourself (Bilde)
  • Your work function
  • Description of work 

All of these fields are available through the header “Hovedinformasjon”. 

We also recommend that our academic employees enter their “Research interests” under the field “Forskning” and their areas of “Teaching” under the field “Undervisning”.  

Suggested fields to edit Foto: Screenshot

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