Installation guide

This installation guide is written for installation under Microsoft Windows. Matlab is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux. There might be small differences in the installation procedure, especially with the download and extraction part of the guide. The rest of the procedure should be independent of the operating system.


  • You need to be logged in as a user with permissions to install programs
  • You need to be connected to the internet
  • A fast connection is recommended since the download size is over 4 GB
  • Java need to be installed


  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Create Account” (upper right corner)
  3. Fill in your account information.
    1. ATTENTION! In the «E-mail» field you have to enter your e-mail address at the UiT Norway’s Arctic University. Students enter the email in the format, while employees use the format
    2. In the “How will you use…” field, students must choose "Student use" and emplyees must choose "Teaching or research in school"
    3. Click “Continue” when you are ready
  4. Continue filling out the next page and choose “Continue”
  5. Follow the instructions to verify your e-mail address and choose “Continue”
    • (ATTENTION! If you don’t receive the e-mail from in your Inbox, check your e-mail folder containing Junk e-mail.
  6. Choose “My Account” (upper right corner)
  7. Choose “Manage licenses” from the menu on the left side under “My Licenses”
  8. Choose “Add license”
  9. Choose “Activation Key” and then “Continue”
  10. Fill in the “Activation Key” which you find on LiReg (Go to – Click “Software Licenses” and log in – choose “All available contracts” – choose “Matlab ”, accept the agreement). Choose “Continue”
  11. Click “Done” when finished

You will now be sent back to your license page at Mathworks. Please wait until the page is up to date and proceed with download and installation.

Download and Installation

  1. Choose «Download Products» from your license page at
  2. Choose your Operating System and then “download”
    • Users of Windows can find if they have 32 og 64 bits operating system by pressing “Windows key + pause/break”.
  3. Choose «Download the current version...» and click “Continue”. Choose “Open” to start a Java app which you need to give permission to run on your computer
  4. Matlab will now be downloaded. Accept all settings suggested.
  5. Click “Finish” when the download is completed.
  6. WinZip Self Extractor will start. If you get “User Account Control” answer “Ja/Yes”. “MathWorks Installer” will start when all files has been extracted.
  7. Choose “Install using the Internet” and click “Next”.
  8. Accept the license agreement and click “Next”.
  9. At the page “Select a license” click “Next”. (Correct license should already be selected).
  10. Choose “Typical” and click “Next” (Note: this option will install all licensed products).
  11. Choose installation folder (It’s recommended to use the folder suggested) and click “Next”.
  12. Choose “Install”
  13. When the installation is finished choose “Next”.
  14. Click “Activate MATLAB” and click “Next”.
  15. Click “Next”
  16. Fill in the “Activation Key” and click “Next”. (Go to – Click “Software Licenses” and log in – choose “All available contracts” – choose “Matlab ” and accept the agreement)
  17. (Students only.) In the “Licensed End User” dialog box, specify the user name of the person who will use the software. By default, the activation application fills in the user name of the person running the activation application. To accept this default, leave the I will use the software option selected and click Next. If you used your administration account to install the software but will use another account to access the software, you can specify that user name here.
  18. Click “Confirm” and then “Finish”.


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