Outlook 2016 - Schedule a meeting on another's behalf

If you wish to schedule a meeting on another's behalf, or if you want another person to schedule meetings for you, the person who is to book these rooms needs to be given "Author" rights to the relevant calendar.

Giving someone author rights to your calendar

This needs to be done by the person who wishes another to schedule meetings on their behalf

1. Go to calendar view and select "Calendar Permissions"

2. Click "Add" to add the person you wish to grant access to your calendar [1]. Next, select the person you just added [2], set Permission Level to Author, [3]  and click "OK".


The person you have given access to your calendar will need to restart Outlook before they can reserve meetings on your behalf.

Scheduling meetings on another's behalf

This presumes the above steps have already been completed and that you have access to someone's calendar as an Author

1. Open the calendar of the person you wish to schedule a meeting for (User guide here)

2. Schedule the meeting(s) as you usually would, in the colleague's calendar. (User guide here.)

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